Health Medication Monitoring & Drug Analysis Services

All of our solutions help provide medical necessity & support regulatory compliance.

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Toxicology & Medication Monitoring

  • Improves physician’s ability to manage or change therapy with prescription drugs.
  • Aids physician’s ability to avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions.
  • Offers patients and physicians greater protection from drug abuse and diversion.
  • Allows for physician confidence in prevention of medication addiction or relapse.

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  • Help predict how a patient will respond to a specific drug regimen.
  • Provide a positive impact on patient care by minimizing side effects, reducing adverse events, and improving overall outcomes.

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Health & Wellness

  • Health and wellness blood tests can help patients understand what is going on inside of their bodies at a metabolic level.
  • These labs help screen for potential red flags that can compromise overall health and wellness.
  • It’s a good idea to establish a “baseline” in order to make the necessary modifications when assisting patients in obtaining their health and wellness goals.

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